Famed Contemporary Artists of Today

Art defies a simple definition. It is a vast field which humans have enjoyed for tens of thousands of years and therefore, it is hard for who isn’t an expert exactly to seem cultured and well-known when discussing art.
Contemporary art is a difficult feat as its history has not been decided yet who should be remembered and who is best to be forgotten. In the modern world, it is necessary that one should have basic knowledge of little something of art.
Jeff Koons:
Koons undoubtedly is the most controversial artist on this list. There is no figure that happens to be more disruptive in the modern art world than Koons which is basically due to his style. Most of his renowned works comprise of massive stainless steel sculptures which have been shaped into the symbolic pop-culture shapes like balloon animals. They tend to be bright colored usually orange and magenta and have been sold in record settings amounts at auctions. One of them being worth more than $58 million was sold in 2013.
For him the process of creating art is similar to that of a production line. But he is a pioneer in contemporary art.
Yayoi Kusama:
This Japanese artist makes visually stunning are which leaves a strong impression on the viewer. Kusama chiefly works in sculpture and installation art along with performance and painting and lot more. She has been renowned since the 60s when she worked in NYC alongside the likes of Andy Warhol.
Kusama is famous for her polka-dot motif which she has used in numerous pieces and mediums. She is regarded as one of the most important living female artist. Some of her work has sold for more than $7 million.
Kara Walker:
Kara Walker is an American artist who grew up in Stockholm, California. She studied at the Atlanta College of Art and then at the Rhode Island School of Design. Her first work that grabbed public attention was a mural titled Gone, An Historical Romance of a Civil War.
The mural was formed by paper which was cut into shapes of silhouettes which have been arranged into a broad story arc. Walker has continued with this creative style and her art themes usually depict the issues of race and sex. Kara Walker happens to be one of the youngest people ever to receive a MacArthur Fellowship and is currently serving on the MFA faculty at Columbia University.
Ai Weiwei:
Ai Weiwei is a renowned Chinese artist. He is a multi-talented creative being whose bold remarks on the state repression in China have landed him in the prison cell more than once. Weiwei is an accomplished woodworker and sculptor who is especially known for his imaginative architecture.
The massive National Stadium that was built in Beijing for the 2008 Summer Olympics called the Bird’s Nest, had Weiwei has the main creative consultant behind it. He has experimented with music and worked as a photographer as well. Ai Weiwei is largely regarded as one of the most influential and important artists alive around the world.

Contemporary Art Paintings

Everyone can make money with paintings of contemporary art. However, there are many factors that affect investment dividends. These include the initial purchase price of the work, the success of the artist’s career, the time devoted to that success, the general economic climate, major changes in the art market, Technological advances, movements artistic coverage and media. The work is sold.
If you want to make money by investing in contemporary artwork, it is vital to buy early in the career of an artist who is doomed to success. Usually you have to wait long periods for artistic paintings by the artist resuming momentum over time and increasing the value. It is best to buy when the economic climate has weakened the prices are lower and sell when the market is strong. These are all factors that must be taken into account when investing in contemporary art paintings.
Everyone can invest in contemporary art paintings. Of course it depends on your budget and what you are looking to invest in the best way to go about investing is to do your due diligence and research first. The best places to investigate auction houses like Sotheby and Christies. There are others, however, these have been the biggest auction houses for a long time and it is worth checking out. Other galleries specializing in contemporary art deserve to be studied. These galleries are in all major cities and most of the regional areas also have galleries. Local media are also good at identifying galleries specializing in contemporary art. There may be a local arts section in your newspaper or publication describing galleries of the city.
When you are looking for collecting contemporary art paintings that will yield significant returns, usually involves a bet on emerging and upcoming artists and involves time. These artists tend to be exhibiting themselves or are represented by art galleries in major cities or regions. Again, this involves research and going to contemporary exhibits. Dividends can be enormous, but generally it takes decades for this to happen. Usually, it takes time for any artist to be recognized by their peers, the artistic / world stage, the media and become the next big thing. For many artists, this does happen, therefore, trouble to inquire first.
The general areas of contemporary paintings are defined by their gender and age in which they were created. Some consider them as 1960s and 1970s until the time we live today. It can also be defined as art that is contemporary at any age in which we live. The paintings were more contemporary pop art in the 1960s than abstract expressionist paintings were in the previous decade.
The contemporary art market has been affected by the recent economic recession. This was demonstrated in galleries closures, lower sales at auction houses and a general decline in sales. However, the Financial Times reported a positive change in the market for contemporary art paintings with the recent sale of Warhol, Warhol’s painting of 1962 by $ 43.8 million.
It is an ideal time to invest when the market has suffered a recession. There is much more likely to invest significant performance if the market has been weakened by the economic climate. According to many speculators and analysts, this was the case of the paintings of contemporary art of last year. Expert investors can become passionate collectors in a market like this, while returns can produce much higher dividends in the future. As reported by the Financial Times, collectors are beginning to pay big sums again by the paintings of contemporary art, so now could be considered a great time to invest in your future.

5 Tips on How to Sell Your Art Online

Presentation: Present your specialty in the most expert way imaginable. Preferably, showcase your art in a gallery, an online exhibition on the off chance that you need to offer your craft on the web. You could make your own personal online exhibition.
Traffic, traffic, traffic: Regardless of the possibility that you have the loveliest artistic creations on the planet in your exhibition, you will have little achievement offering your work unless individuals know where you are. Advertise your craft through free promotions, paid advertisements in the event that you like pay-per-click advertisements, sites, web journals, gatherings and articles.
Compose “how to” articles about art. This is an incredible approach to produce traffic to your site. Toward the end of your article say something like: “Need to see my art collection? Click on “(your name)
I should say eBay.com. EBay gets bunches of traffic, yet you are presumably must lower your costs to contend with different works like your own. Customers searching for extraordinary deals go to eBay.com. Ensure you put a price reserve on your work.
You would prefer not to offer your work for ten pennies. Keep in mind, eBay.com is a sale site. Likewise, you will presumably must be a notable set up craftsman to offer your work there for a lot of cash. In any case, on the off chance that you will offer your work at low aggressive costs then look at it. Adlandpro.com offers you free promoting for your craft.
Critiques: In case you’re far excessively touchy and thinned skinned, get over it. Feedback is one of your best cash making companions. Why? Since you need to discover what individuals like and don’t care for about your art so you can settle it and make your craft more marketable. Make a special effort to get feedback of your art by asking companions; outsiders (safe outsiders!), discussion board, art educators, art teachers and even craftsmanship appraisers on the off chance that you need to spend the cash for their assessments. Indeed, even Leonardo da Vinci requested feedback concerning his sketch of “The Last Supper.”
Improvement: Creating your work ought to be a steady learning process, continually enhancing in light of the fact that the more information you have of the laws and guidelines of workmanship the better your aptitudes, henceforth more noteworthy budgetary profit for your art. So what is expected to enhance your masterful eye and aptitudes? Take a gander at incredible depictions and attempt to see why their craft is so great. Take an art class. Read “how to” books and articles. Develop in your insight into what makes awesome art.
5. Pricing your art: Too High, Too Low? Look at your opposition, artistic creations like your own particular work. What are their art costs? Get feelings from individuals about your craft pricing. Keep in mind; be tough, for they are just helping you choose the right evaluating for your art. Test your pricing. On the off chance that it sells too rapidly (how magnificent!), maybe you could raise the cost. In the event that it is not offering, then you’re evaluating is likely too high. Test, test, test. Consider having prints made of your firsts since it would give you a radical new additional evaluating business sector. A few people would preferably pay for a print than to pay more for a unique work. Make the most of your awesome talents, the unique ability to express yourself through art.

Buying Contemporary Art for Your Home

For many owners their ultimate dream is to buy contemporary art to hang on the walls of home. Buying contemporary art can improve your home as well as adding a sense of accomplishment and culture. However, for many people the concept of buying art can be a bit intimidating.
Buying contemporary art does not need to be an intimidating experience. It should be a fun and exciting experience, where you have the opportunity to see and buy a wide range of works by both established artists and emerging artists. What many people find intimidating about buying art is the concept of what “good” art is and what is “bad”. No one wants to be accused of investing in worthless art.
The important thing to remember when looking to buy contemporary art is that you buy for you and your home. In general, we buy the art that we see as an extension or representation of ourselves, our ideals and what is important in our lives. By buying contemporary art, you should always choose the art that makes you feel good and improve or add to the atmosphere of your home.
The best way to make sure that you are buying contemporary art for your home that is both complementary to your home and durable value is first to spend a little time looking at different artists and their work. Select a few pieces you really like and see if you can identify common points in the pieces. It can be something obvious, like using colors, scenes and textures. You may notice that you are attracted to a particular medium of art like paintings or the art of acrylic glass.
When looking at a range of art that will begin to develop its “eye” for art and their particular tastes and interests. However, like fashion, the tastes in buying contemporary art can change in another one or two months. So when you are looking to make a higher art investment make sure that the piece you choose is well suited to its central taste and is not very exaggerated or radically different depending on your usual art preferences – which later can come to regret of the purchase.
You do not necessarily have to buy from a well-established artist. Neither must you be any “talented scout” looking for the next big thing when you are looking to buy from new and emerging artists. The reason why many people buy from emerging artists is the ability to possess a quality work of art to hang in your home at a fraction of the cost than established artist counterparts. If you are looking purely to decorate your home with original art, value your time to do research on the internet and participate in local art fairs.
If you are looking to buy contemporary art as an investment, you will find visiting art galleries useful and get help from a professional art consultant. Art consultants work with you to get an idea of your tastes and lifestyle to help build their own vision of art and create a good investment in your art collection.
Buying contemporary art should in no way be an intimidating experience. Remember that your art collection should be a representation of yourself and your own particular tastes in art don’t let others tell you what is good or bad.

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5 Easy Ways To Expand Your Knowledge Of Art

1 – Read, read, read
There is a lot of literature on almost everything to do with art there. Contact your local library and find lots of books on art. But where do you start? You do not want to start reading on a very specific branch of art. Instead, finding a book for beginners is very spacious and offers more than an overview of art without going into too much detail. Do you want a book that clearly explains things, but always informative and interesting? Search online as well as books on art. If you are interested in practicing art, you will find a lot of useful books and guides for beginners as well as many more advanced artists.
2 – Visiting galleries
A great way to broaden your knowledge of art is to visit art galleries. Most galleries present works of art with a brief summary of the works. Many galleries offer audio reviews that are available via headphones or any other device that can borrow. Listen to the comments is much more useful and informative, because plunge more in detail on the works and different genres and eras of art are represented in the gallery. Galleries offer the opportunity to see all kinds of art – you never know what you might find.
3 – Join an art club
Joining an art club can be fun. It can also be very useful because you spend time with people who have something in common with you: a love for art. Even if you are a complete beginner, art clubs can be a great way to develop your art knowledge because you have a group of people out there. Everyone is different – getting to talk to people of art and you’ll find that picking up a lot of tricks and tricks. Do not worry about going if you do not know anything about art – unless the club is for professionals, you will feel welcome. People love when beginners come because they are interested in art!
4 – Do an art course
Making an art course offers a more academic approach to art. While art clubs tend to be more relaxed and less formal, art courses tend to be more focused and educational. You probably have a lot of information thrown at you, no matter what kind of art classes to take whether art history or practical art, for example. The good thing about art classes is that the focus is on learning. Man’s courses also offer you the opportunity to study more deeply the branches of art.
5 – Learning to practice
You can appreciate the artworks looking at them. However, you can only understand the creative process once you have created works of art themselves. The only way to understand everything about a painting is to have an experience of painting, for example. The practice of art gives an experience that you cannot get from reading. It gives you a much better what happens in creating a work of understanding art.

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