Understanding art- Three simple steps

Art is a broad term. It covers different mediums and expressions. It has a whole world of colours inside it. Despite being broad enough, you can get a deeper understanding of these art works simply by following three steps. Although you may be surprised to read it but it is true. All you need is an imaginative capability with no influences and boundaries. These simple steps are:

Step 1: Look:

Looking an art work is not about visiting a gallery and looking at one art work for a few seconds. Looking at an art work means you have to spend some time in understanding the basic point of that art work. These basic points may include the medium that is used in the creation, the combination of colours and the patterns that are used. Each artist selects the medium with great care, a medium that goes with the message that art work is supposed to convey.

Step 2: See:

Do you think there is different between looking and seeing an object? If you think there is no difference, you are mistaken. Although there is a thin line between these concepts but they are different. Looking means only getting the basic things about something. Seeing, on the other hand, is about getting the hidden meaning in that object. Looking will involve describing the things you can literally see. Seeing is interpreting the meaning and symbols that are used.

Step 3: Think:

After seeing an art work, the last thing you have to do is to think about the point that you have observed. Put all that points together to create a single image in your mind. Think and challenge your mind to consider different perspectives. This last step has great importance as the development of meanings takes place in this process. The interpretation of different aspects will create a new image in your mind. It is like a puzzle that will be solved.

The best part is there is no right and wrong in this interpretation process. You can perceive anything, create a different story and it will be the right answer. The individuality in humans allow them to think in different ways but the important thing to consider here is the context that was used to create that art work. This context is important to understand in order to get a deeper understanding. You can also get a clue of that context from the title provided with the art work.

Final verdict:

After reading the above steps, don’t think that you will have to go through this long process every time when you are trying to understand an art piece. It will happen only when something special attracts you towards itself. It is not necessary that you like all the art works present in an art gallery. So, follow this process only for the things you like. Contemporary arts gallery is a place where you can find the art pieces related to almost every type. Visit it and try to get a deeper understanding of art.

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