The rise and rise of Romanian art

Before the year 2007, Romanian Artists were hardly known for great popularity. It was at the exhibition of the art dealer Mihai Pop, owner of Galleria Plan B in Cluj, Romania, other Romanian artists portrayed their work. The work of the Romanian contemporary artists shown at the 2007 edition of New York’s Armory Show included Adrian Ghenie, Ciprian Muresan, Victor Man, Cristi Pogacean and others.
Ghenie (b. 1977), Muresan (b. 1977) and Man (b. 1974) have now become high-profile artists. Their galleries include Gladstone Gallery, Blum & Poe, Haunch of Venison, Yvon Lambert, and David Nolan. Moreover, some of the major collectors and institutions such as the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, and the Hammer Museum, also in Los Angeles viewed their work.
The Romanian artist’s work was highly appreciated on the basis of being high-quality work with great sophistication. All their work has a common thread of exploration of life under Communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu’s oppressive regime. Artists of this time period experienced transition between two worlds.
Over the past few years, Romanian painting has also become a big new thing. The Romanian art is gaining some attention in the world of contemporary art. Some of the new Romanian painters remain fairly low profile though others are highly coveted by tuned collectors. The successors of these artists are working to compel against their other competitors. The background of Romania’s contemporary art renaissance has shown striking parallels after the success of the Leipzig School. Also, many new Romanian artists were associated with some institutions.
In the communist era, Romanian art education became prominent and adopted rigorous figurative requirements of socialist realism. Cluj school has its own unique style which basically includes a looser use of paint; a less pronounced emphasis on surreal elements. Overall they give a far more somber appearance. The new Romanian art trends lead towards more darkness as per speaking metaphorically and literally.
According to some commentators, contemporary Eastern European art from the Balkans is under some trauma. Some of the Romanian artists grew up in this time period of uncertainties and document these tensions as well. Some of the artists spend their artistic careers in Austria, Italy, and Israel. Most of the times their work seem to be wistfully elegiac.
In other cases, the Romanian painting represents being hazy indeterminacy instead of being bleak. The inclusion of a motif deer with headlights when used seems to be an apt expression of some form of bewilderment.
Some Romanian artists find it difficult to inherit this trend or cope with the tumultuous change. The approaches of these artists are very diverse and focus more on Romania’s classical artistic heritage. They aim at exploring the contemporary state of mind. Figuration has been commonly used by the painters along with gestural, expressionistic accents. There is a growing concern of portrait study among emerging artists in addition to established painters as well.
Therefore, Romanian art’s international popularity and significance are on a rapid rise. Some futures in near future it has great chances to be the next big thing in the world of art.

Top 5 Tips for Buying Original Art Online

Are you looking for an original artwork? Do you know how to make sure the art piece is original? Whether it is your first artwork or not, we are here to help you.

The trend of getting an original work online is a growing. The buyer might face some problems like onscreen image representation and certifiable dealers and artist. But still, a large number of art collectors are choosing this medium to get one-of-a-kind of artwork. Buying an original work can be costly. So the decision you make must be a well-informed decision. The more information you will have the better your collection will be.

Here are some tips to help you buy an original art.

Get What You Love

Buying art pieces is an investment that must be made carefully. The basic aim of buying a painting must not only be improving the look of the wall. But it should make you smile and be inspired. The painting from which you can’t get your eyes off, is perfect for investment.


You must ensure that the piece you are purchasing is an original or a reproduction. The online sellers must be able to guarantee authenticity of the original art. When buying art, you must be aware of the reproduction prints. They have been improved with the help of textured paint strokes.

Know the Artist

It is better to learn as much as you can about the artists. Conducting a research on the artist will let you know about his work, whether he is popular locally, nationally or internationally. You can read his biography, about his motivations and inspirations. An easy way to find information regarding the artist on Google or any social networking sites likes Facebook or Instagram.

Monitor Setting

Every screen has different color values. Most of the gallery stores do their best to show a true representation of the art piece. Still, the sellers cannot control the brightness on your screen. Sometimes a color that is coral might be visible as orange on a different scree. If you set the settings to maximize, you may come closer to a true representation of the color.

However, if artwork you order is not what you expected. A reputable seller will provide you an option of returning your money back.

Fair Price

When buying art online, you may come across artwork that is high-priced. The reason is that the artists spend a good amount on materials in order to get their work out in the market. As a result, it will free up space in the studio so they can create more masterpieces. Therefore, it is a fair price to pay for a great quality artwork.

Keep in mind in original art every piece is unique and created by hand. The artist may have invested a lot in learning, skill developing and practice.

Overall, buying original art requires a plenty of research and confidence. You can enjoy the rewards offered by unique and original artwork.

Understanding art- Three simple steps

Art is a broad term. It covers different mediums and expressions. It has a whole world of colours inside it. Despite being broad enough, you can get a deeper understanding of these art works simply by following three steps. Although you may be surprised to read it but it is true. All you need is an imaginative capability with no influences and boundaries. These simple steps are:

Step 1: Look:

Looking an art work is not about visiting a gallery and looking at one art work for a few seconds. Looking at an art work means you have to spend some time in understanding the basic point of that art work. These basic points may include the medium that is used in the creation, the combination of colours and the patterns that are used. Each artist selects the medium with great care, a medium that goes with the message that art work is supposed to convey.

Step 2: See:

Do you think there is different between looking and seeing an object? If you think there is no difference, you are mistaken. Although there is a thin line between these concepts but they are different. Looking means only getting the basic things about something. Seeing, on the other hand, is about getting the hidden meaning in that object. Looking will involve describing the things you can literally see. Seeing is interpreting the meaning and symbols that are used.

Step 3: Think:

After seeing an art work, the last thing you have to do is to think about the point that you have observed. Put all that points together to create a single image in your mind. Think and challenge your mind to consider different perspectives. This last step has great importance as the development of meanings takes place in this process. The interpretation of different aspects will create a new image in your mind. It is like a puzzle that will be solved.

The best part is there is no right and wrong in this interpretation process. You can perceive anything, create a different story and it will be the right answer. The individuality in humans allow them to think in different ways but the important thing to consider here is the context that was used to create that art work. This context is important to understand in order to get a deeper understanding. You can also get a clue of that context from the title provided with the art work.

Final verdict:

After reading the above steps, don’t think that you will have to go through this long process every time when you are trying to understand an art piece. It will happen only when something special attracts you towards itself. It is not necessary that you like all the art works present in an art gallery. So, follow this process only for the things you like. Contemporary arts gallery is a place where you can find the art pieces related to almost every type. Visit it and try to get a deeper understanding of art.

Best Tips for Adding Contemporary Art to Your House

Do you want to add sophistication and class to your house? You can do so by incorporating contemporary art in your house. How can you add contemporary art to your house? Adding contemporary art with the traditional décor is an easy task. You can add color and energy so the room can feel alive and focused.

Contemporary art can be defined as any form of modern art that is post-World War II. There are many different types of contemporary art that make this category interesting. The two major art movements of the early 1960s were minimalism and pop art.

Minimalism includes geometric forms that lack surface details. While pop art is inspired by comic books and advertising.

With the help of contemporary art pieces, you can create look you want without having to spend a lot of money. You must focus on working with the colors you have instead of redesigning the whole area.

Here are few tips how to add contemporary arts to your house.

Pop Pieces

Pop art emerged in mid-1950s becoming one of the most famous art movements. In modern times, contemporary arts has evolved but pop art still holds a great deal of interest and appeal. The art pieces created in its tradition can fabulously make for dazzling statements in your house.

If you have a simple wall in your house, to bring a little flourish to it by displaying a standalone piece. Something that adds color to the room in order to bring a spark in the room. Color affects how people feel and adds interest to space.

The Wall Cluster

A single art piece can work wonders if set in the right place. A cluster of different art pieces can be a great way to exude sophistication. Carefully selecting art pieces can help in creating a room with comfort, interest, and class. Display contemporary art pieces at eye level, lining up each piece straight. Keep in mind the distance between the frames must be same.

Moreover, to form a unified look display your art pieces in monochromatic frames. You either go with black frames or brown frames. Black frames provide you house a modern and neutral look. On the other hand, brown frames offer an earthier feel in order complement traditional appearance.

Standalone Art Piece

If you have an empty wall in your living room that you will like to fill. You must choose a standalone full wall art piece. The panoramic contemporary art pieces are an ideal choice for long walls and oversized furniture. It provides the room a clean and uncluttered look.

Geometry and Colors

A mosaic of primary colors in a stained glass window formation can be an amazing addition to your house. It will provide a chic and contemporary look to your house.


Therefore, by displaying contemporary art in your house you can a make a statement. It includes art pieces after the World War II. It usually includes minimalist designs and pop art designs.

Understanding abstract art

Do you want to understand abstract art? Understanding abstract art is not that difficult. All you need is an open mind and imagination. The best part about art is that nothing is wrong in it. It is up to the viewer to catch any meaning. Art gives the liberty to every individual to look at it with their own perspectives. No one will ever say that you are getting it in the wrong way. Same is the case with abstract art, apart from all other forms, an abstract art allows you to get a deep understanding of things you want to see. Here are some important tips for you that will help you in understanding abstract art:

1.    Try to create a connection:

You can only understand the hidden meaning in an art piece only when you create a connection with it. The creator of that art piece must have considered the point of view of a viewer. Through every abstract art, there is a message that is to be communicated. The building of a connection will help to get into a new world hidden under that art piece.

2.    Do not consider the title:

Although every abstract art piece you will see must have a title but that does not mean you have to focus on it to get a deeper understanding of the idea. In fact, reading that title may distract your mind from understanding the actual meaning. It may also divert your focus on a single point. So, make sure you look at an abstract art piece without looking at the title.

3.    Don’t get influenced by other people:

There are times when you see an art piece in the presence of a lot of people. They all are discussing their point of views on a single art work. This will interrupt in your personal understanding. You will not be able to create a connection with the art work if your mind gets diverted with the perspective of other people. There is a possibility that you will be able to see something that others cannot understand.

4.    Ignore the physical aspects:

Although physical aspects of an abstract art work have a lot of influence on the understanding. Consider the darkness or the brightness of the colours. The atmosphere these colours are creating and the emotions they are communicating. All these things are of much importance than the physical aspects.

5.    Consider it a blend of creations:

An abstract art has the ability to capture different aspects on a single canvas. No art is created without a subject matter or a special message. That is why do not think that an abstract art is a single creation. It is a blend of different concepts.


Understanding abstract art will become easy if you focus on the above tips. Consult contemporary arts gallery for more abstract pieces and enhance your creativity.

Human beings are capable of creating a lot of different things. Each individual is different from the other, with a different imagination and creativity level. We all understand things in different ways. We understand things with different perspectives. The beauty relay in these differences and it can be depicted only with the help of art. Art is the only medium through which the difference in perspectives can be appreciated. Here are some steps you need to follow to create your own art piece while preserving your individuality:

Step 1: Don’t try to get it:
Art is like an emotion, something that should not be stoped. It is something that flows and stopping that flow is not good. It is not a chemical formula that needs to be learned to get its meaning. You need to stop thinking about getting it. Accept it the way it is and relax your thoughts.

Step 2: Like anything:
To create an art piece, it is important to get some inspiration. That inspiration can come from anywhere. Creating boundaries for your own imagination will kill the creativity inside you. Stop thinking about your choices. Go with the flow, look for things that attract you no matter how related they are to your field.

Step 3: Broaden your options:
Art is present everywhere. You cannot just restrict things that can be considered as artistic. Look at anything and you will be able to find art in it. It is just in your eyes. Before creating an art work, do consider that you have a lot of options from where you can get your inspiration.

Step 4: Trust the instinct:
Creativity is something that is a gift of human intelligence. Humans are complex, they are full of abilities that can be used in every possible way. If you let yourself depended on your instincts, you will be able to understand the extent to which you can create things. That is why make sure you trust your instincts because art is somethings that come from within. Do not stop it.

Step 5: Create a connection:
After focusing on the above four steps, the next thing to do is to create a connection of your thought and your art work. It should reflect a message or a meaning that is to be conveyed to the other people. Your viewers should connect to your painting. If the connection is built in a proper way, you will be able to create a master piece.

These were the steps you need to follow while creating an art work. After creating the connection, the next thing you have to do is pick a paper and start drawing the first thing that comes to your mind. For displaying your creative art work, contemporary arts gallery is the best place. They can provide you with all the possible opportunities to display your art.

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